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12,99 EUR*
Details Seems Legit Becher, Weiß

What's the response when you're faced with something ridiculously fake? Seems legit. Take a look at for some excellent totally legitimate examples...Becher design reads: Seems Legit

19,99 EUR*
Details Think Rational!

(2009/ACE) 34 tracks with 24 page booklet. Michigan rock's golden boys, the mighty Rationals, habe long deserved a legitimate anthology of thire classic mid-60s sides. 'Think Rational serves a double helping of punchy garage and blue-eyed soul from ...

19,99 EUR*
Details Rick'S Rarities 1964-1974

(2004/ACE) 23 tracks 23 ultra-rare tracks including 13 previously unreleased Decca and MCA material, while the remaining other 10 appear for the first time on legitimate CD.Medium 1I've Been Lookin'I Need YouStop The World And Let Me OffYour Kind Of ...

20,61 EUR*
Details Privacy and the Press

Privacy and the Press Exposing the faults of celebrities and politicians is great for circulation figures, but where should we draw the line between legitimate public exposure and an individual's right to privacy? Addressing the question, this book ...

18,99 EUR*
Details The Rockin' South

(2007/ACE) 30 tracks with 16 page booklet. 'The Rockin' South' ist the first legitimate CD to anthologise a group of labels from Atlanta, Georgia, run by Bill Lowery, a music publisher who put the city on the map. These labels included NRC, Scottie ...

19,92 EUR*
Details The Tex-Mex Fireball-George Tomsco

Fireball George Tomsco's distinctive guitar picking is featured in abundance on this CD, which is crammed full of rare Norman Petty productions, most of which are prev. unavailable on (legitimate) CDMedium 1I Don't Know - FIREBALLS & Chuck TharpOh ...

18,53 EUR*
Details Choosing Cesarean: A Natural Birth Plan

Obstetrician and gynecologist Magnus Murphy, MD, and journalist/advocate Pauline McDonagh Hull offer a compelling case for surgical delivery as a legitimate birth choice for informed women. By offering a wealth of medical evidence from around the ...

35,99 EUR*
Details Constitutional Redemption: Political Faith in an Unjust World

Political constitutions, hammered out by imperfect human beings in periods of intense political controversy, are always compromises with injustice. What makes the U.S. Constitution legitimate, argues this daring book, is Americans' enduring faith that ...